January Monthly Meeting

John Hodgson gave us a wonderfully clear introduction to what some people call the Energy Crisis. John gave a lucid description  of all the main energy technologies outlining their benefits and disadvantages. He covered controversial topics such as Nuclear Energy and Fracking and everybody left knowing a lot more about the issues facing Energy policy in the this country (and the world)

Well Done John

Mick O'Reilly

February Monthly Meeting

Thursday 5th February

Speaker: Pam Wright - Chairman of the Barnet National Trust Association

Talk: The National Trust - Past and Present"

Venue: Ewen Hall, High Barnet

Tea/Coffee:         9.45-10.30

Talk:                     10.30-11.30 Announcements: 11.30-12.00

Ewen Hall

Barnet University of the Third Age 

Barnet U3A offers people no longer in full-time employment an opportunity for life-long learning, friendship and hopefully some fun. 

The key aims of BarnetU3A are:

  1. To encourage and enable older people no longer in full-time paid employment to help each other to share their knowledge, skills, interests and experience.
  2. To demonstrate the benefits and enjoyment to be gained and the new horizons to be discovered in learning throughout life.
  3. To celebrate the capabilities and potential of older people and their value to society.

Does this describe you?

  • Are you retired or semi-retired?
  • Do you want to be active (socially, mentally, physically)?
  • Would you like to join one or more of our many special interest groups?
  • Would you enjoy outings to theatres and concerts or visits to Stately homes?

Then  Barnet U3A is for you!

Barnet U3A (BU3A), set up at the end of 2007, has grown very rapidly and the current membership is just over 1200.  There are over 120 groups from which to choose. The meetings are at convenient times and at venues all around the northern part of Barnet. Costs are low because our activities are organised by our members who freely share their skills and expertise. Once a month we have a general meeting open to all members where we normally have a guest speaker.

The Barnet U3A (BU3A) Committee has taken a policy decision that only fully paid up members can participate in any BU3A activity, including Interest Groups.The only exception to this policy is that a non-member can attend a maximum of two BU3A Monthly Meetings, before being required to apply for membership.

See what the Groups   have to offer, visit the Membership page, then Contact Us.

The Barnet U3A is a  Registered Charity  (No. 1129309) and is 
one of 702 U3As in the UK affiliated to the Third Age Trust (Reg. Charity No. 288007), the national parent body, which now has over 200,000 members. 

U3A Inside Covent Garden

Long Walks - Trewin Oct 2014

U3A History Walks - Unexpected London

Outings July/August2014

Potten End Walk 2014

U3A Chelsea Walk 2014

U3A Artists Colony Walk August 2014

London Secret Village August 2014




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